From Stress to Bliss:
8-modules Mindful Living Course
Learn how to deal with stress
and live mindful and happy life.

From Stress to Bliss:
8-modules Mindful Living Course
Learn how to deal with stress
and live mindful and happy life.
"I would like to share with you practical tools to boost your energy, focus and creativity that you can apply in everyday life."
— Zhuldyz Koshpanova
Mindfulness & Happiness Ambassador
Experienced mindfulness instructor Zhuldyz Koshpanova will guide you through the course – to help you learn to:
significantly reduce the level of stress
cope with change and challenges
recover more quickly from setbacks
feel stronger inside your body and mind
feel calmer and more happy
Zhuldyz is Mindfulness & Happiness Ambassador.

She completed:

- 100 hours Mindfulness teacher training by Shamash Alidina, Accredited by the Society of Holistic Therapists and Coaches.
- 200 hours Yoga Teacher training by Yoga First, registered with Yoga Alliance, USA.

Zhuldyz is also:
✓ A certified happiness coach by Berkeley Method of Well Being, California
✓ Completed international Chief Happiness Officer Academy by Woohoo Inc. in Denmark.
✓ Completed Delivering Happiness Bootcamp by Zappos.
She is Teacher in training in the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute
at the intersection of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence, developed at Google, backed by Neuroscience and trusted by organizations around the world.
*You are running through your life ticking to-do list.
*You have multiple projects at work.
*You need to take care of kids at home.
* You don't have time to devote to yourself.
* Your mind is too busy& unfocused.
*At the end of the day you crush with no energy left.
1. Why to practice Mindfulness
2. Dealing
with Barriers
3. Dealing
with Emotions
5. Being
6. Mindfulness of Breath and Mindful movement
4. Self Care
is not selfish
7. Kindness
and Mindfulness
8. The Rest
of Your Life!
1. What is Mindfulness.
2. Benefits of Mindfulness.
3. Why practice Mindfulness.
4. Being in Automatic pilot.
5. Fight, Flight, Freeze response.
6. Brain function.
1. How to deal with Mind Wandering.
2. How to deal with Pain.
3. How to deal with Expectations.
4. How to deal with Judgement.
5. How to deal with Negative thoughts.
6. Resistance & Acceptance.
7. Myths about Mindfulness.
1. What are emotions.
2. Emotions and body sensations.
3. Emotional intelligence.
4. Cycles of feeling and thinking.
5. Trigger: Reaction vs Response.
6. RAIN technique.
1. Why we need to take care of ourselves.
2. How to be your best friend.
3. Self-criticism and self-acceptance.
4. Avoiding habits like perfectionism, materialism, and social comparisons.
5. List of nourishing and depleting activities.
Why we need to be present at the moment
Why breath is an anchor to be present
«ody sensations is a way to be present
How to be friends with our thoughts
Single-tasking to stay present
Releasing the past and future
1. Mindfulness of breath: seating postures.
2. Why breath is an anchor.
3. Mindful walking.
4. Dances, Yoga, Tai Chi.
5. Mindful eating.
6. Thoughts are just thoughts.
1. The link between Kindness and Mindfulness.
2. Actions of Kindness.
3. Benefits of being kind.
4. Mindful listening.
5. Benefits of Mindful listening.
1. How to stay present.
2. How to practice mindfulness for the rest of your life.
3. Tips on Integrating Mindfulness to daily life.
4. Recap of all modules.
1. Why we need to be present at the moment.
2. Why breath is an anchor to be present.
3. Body sensations is a way to be present.
4. How to be friends with our thoughts.
5. Single tasking to stay present.
6. Releasing the past and future.
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The sessions are typically two hours long.
They are interactive with large number of exercises and mindfulness practices.

Participants will receive handouts and guidebook for home study. All audio guided practices are sent via e-mail.
This course will help to achieve:

→ Inner peace
→ Contentment
→ Focus
→ Happiness

You will transform your life by learning to live in the present moment, cultivating compassion, practicing gratitude and seeing deeply your habitual patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
Downloadable guided meditations for your personal practice.
Handouts and guidebook for home study.
Interactive sessions with a large number of exercises and meditation practices.
Facebook group for mentor and buddy support.
Early Bird price
Before March 28th
1.200 AED
Normal price
After March 28th
1.500 AED
Pre-booking is essential.
We can only hold places upon deposit payment of 200 AED (non-refundable)
Max 25 participants per course. Early booking is advisable!
*VAT included
*VAT included
1. Is it easy to learn mindfulness?
Our Mindfulness for Happy Living Course is perfect for beginners as we take you through each step and provide easy and practical tools.
2. What is the difference between mindfulness and meditation?
Meditation is dedicated practice when you set aside time to practice.

Mindfulness can be integrated in all activities that you do- eating, walking, driving, talking to friends and family etc.
3. Are mindfulness and meditation religious practices?
We teach and practise mindfulness in a secular fashion with no religious terms, philosophy or ritual.
4. How much time do you need each week to practice?
We recommend you practicing for at least 10-15 minutes every day for the formal guided mindfulness meditation practice.
5. How do I get the most from the course?
Mindfulness is like mental fitness: it requires practice and time to get benefits.

In order to get the most from the course, we recommend:

  • Attending every session

  • Practicing for at least 15 minutes (and longer if possible) every day, with the guided meditations for the length of the course.

  • Reading the guidebook and completing the assignments in the book.

6. Will I get to ask questions?
Yes, the course is interactive.
Participants will be able to ask questions during the live classes as well as facebook group for mentor and buddy support.
7. Do you offer group discounts?
Yes, if you have a group of 2 or more people interested in joining the course, you qualify for a 15% discount on fee.

Please contact us for more information on group discounts.
Have more questions?
Contact us and we will be glad to help you!
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