A few words about the meditation posture

On my page, you may find the guided meditations, such as body scan, breath or sitting meditation and others. I talk a lot about breath and today let's discuss the way we sit during the meditation. It's advisable to sit during meditation to avoid falling asleep.

The position you sit during meditation
✰ should be comfortable and effortless to you,
✰ should help you to stay alert.

There is an old Zen proverb that in meditation the most difficult is to lay a blanket. :)

There is something in it, because sometimes what can distance us from the practice is to look for the best possible conditions. If you are one of those who postpone exercising in the gym until buying new sneakers and uniform, do not worry, you are not alone.

I have a good news for you!

To practice mindfulness, there is no need to look for ideal conditions.
Because they do not exist. It does not have to be perfectly quiet, you do not need to have the best meditation pillow, or a favourite blanket, nor a separate meditation room.
All you need is a desire to practice
Let's take a look at each aspect of the sitting position.

A chair or a meditation cushion

As I mentioned above, you do not need a meditation cushion.
If you sit on a chair, leave a few centimeters between the back of the chair and your back.

Try not leaning against a wall or a back of the chair.
But if it comes to you with difficulty, do it, so as not slouching your back.

Remember that the position in which you sit
first of all should be comfortable to you.

The position of the spine should maintain it's natural curve. Various books on Mindfulness speak of a noble or decent posture.
This is not about the posture of the soldier during a roll call,
but rather about taking a stable position.

The position should be effortless.
Try to find a position that will not cause body tension
and at the same time will not make you sleepy.
Tip how to check if you are sitting properly:
The lower region of the spine is gently pushed forward.
Change of position
If you need to change the position, change it.
However, before you do, notice this need. Let there be a conscious choice in this change instead of a habitual action.

Depending on what you are sitting on, you can keep your hands in your lap or your thighs.

If you are sitting in a chair - do not cross your legs.
Place the feet flat on the floor on the width of the hips.

Try to find a position that will not cause body tension
and at the same time will not make you sleepy.

At the very beginning you may experiment practicing with your eyes closed. Closed eyes help you to turn focus into your inner world.

If you want you can keep your eyes open. In this case, try to make a "gentle" look without focusing on any particular point.

These are the main points that will help you feel more comfortable and relaxed during the meditation. We do not have to sit in complex yoga postures to practice mindfulness.
You do not have to put your fingers in a special way.
My purpose is to show you that meditation is simple and easy :)
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