Mindful Breathing: Guided Meditation

Breath is always with us. From the minute we are born till to our last day. We breath it means we are alive.
Whenever you feel stressed, you can bring awareness to your breath which calms your mind and relaxes you body.
If you try to breath deeply for a few minutes, you feel calmer.

During moment there will be a lot of different changes in your body:

✅ the heart rate will decrease,

✅ oxygen supply to cells will increase,

✅ the amount of adrenaline produced will decrease, as a result of which the load on the kidneys will be reduced,

✅ all cells and organs will receive from you a message: «Everything is all right».

Guided Meditation

1. Gently close your eyes.
Bring your full awareness to your breath. Notice the flow of the air when you breath in and breath out through your nose.
Observe how your body breaths – when you inhale your chest and belly may go up, expanding and preparing your body to get more oxygen. When you exhale, your chest and belly may go down, releasing any extra air from your body.
2. Notice the temperature of the air when you breath in – the air is a little bit cool.
When you breath out, the air is a bit warmer as it's warmed out by your body.
Notice the pauses between your inhales and exhales.
When you breath in, there is a pause, when you breath out there is a pause which are transitions between your inhales and exhales.
3. Complete 5 cycles of the breath.
Notice your inhales, exhales and pauses between your inhales and exhales.
4. When you inhale, imagine how new oxygen reaches each cell of your body.
Nourish each cell of your body.
Every inhale brings more energy to your body, every exhale relaxes your body.
5. Gently open your eyes.
Realize the important fact about breathing: from all the functions of our body, working in automatic mode,
breathing is the only one function that can help you to shift to a consiouse and deliberate attention to the present moment.
Tip. Try being with the breath at different times
of the day: certain times may suit you better
than others.
Bringing attention to your breathing, you can start being attentive to your life right now!
This is one of the tools how to live here and now, to live in the present moment

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