Zhuldyz Koshpanova: My Happy Story

Hello! My name is Zhuldyz. I am a Chief Happiness and Mindfulness officer.

My journey started in 2004 when I was working in the large audit company. I was working under tremendous stress, trying to complete a lot of projects in tight deadlines (too much to do in too less time – which is a typical cause of stress in the modern world). Sometimes we had to work for 16 hours compromising sleep!

My tax director invited me to join a yoga class. From the very beginning I felt as if it was a completely different world – calm, quiet, peaceful. This moment changed my life and marked the beginning of my journey with yoga, meditation and a more conscious life.

After several years of practicing mindful movement, I decided to become a certified teacher. I started conducting short yoga and meditation classes for my colleagues at lunch time. They were pleasantly surprised by feeling much better after our sessions.

The most inspiring for me is to see transformation of people after we do self-love meditation at the end of yoga class. We hug ourselves and express self-love and self-acceptance.

As result of my initiative of teaching mindful movement and meditation, I received an Annual Shining Stars award from the Bank where I worked.
While researching about mediation,
I came across the concept of Mindfulness.

I was wondering, how I can be more present in the moment, so that is becomes part of my everyday life.

I found an answer – by practising mindfulness I can be present and live in the moment – Here and Now.

My passion is to share the gift of mindfulness with You, to find happiness inside You.
I would like You to nurture yourself, connect to your true self, listen to your body, your feelings and desires, open you heart and follow your dreams.

Why? Because you deserve it!

Welcome to the wonderful world of awareness, calmness
and inner happiness!

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